May 6-June 5


Home Up

Wednesday, May 7, 2003 - Norfolk, VA to Gloucester Pt, VA

Left out on time en route to Gloucester Pt this morning.  It was a little hazy, but an easy ride.  On arrival, we were met by Jan & Dan of "Daja" (we had previously met in Norfolk) who own the York River Yacht Haven.  We just can't say enough about  their wonderful marina ...beautiful new docks, a great store and captain's lounge and a WONDERFUL restaurant, Rivers Inn.  [They even raise oysters here!] Everything was first class!!

In the evening, we thoroughly enjoyed our cocktail hour with Dan & Jan aboard their beautiful Berger "Daja" (Pete and I especially loved their 50" flat screen in the salon!)  Thanks again to our kind hosts!!  Dinner following was great too - the dessert was to die for!

We were enjoying the marina so much, that we decided to extend our stay another day in Gloucester Pt.  Today we caught up on all our "crew duties" - email, itinerary, etc. for the girls...and the guys played boat mechanic - fixed the hydraulic lift...they are really rounding out their nautical talents on this trip!

Jan surprised us girls with a little shopping trip to Williamsburg - which we loved, of course! Meanwhile, the guys back at dock got a little surprise of their own - a major thunderstorm just cropped up out of nowhere and drenched everything!  Even brought a little hail!  Hail!!!

Friday, May 9, 2003 - Gloucester Pt, VA to Irvington, VA

Bumpy ride to Irvington - a little rain, a few chops in the water.  But, of course, the boat did very well.  Docking at the Tides Inn was very easy - slips are large and not too many boats about.  (Or is our Capn Tom just getting so good at this that we think it's easier???) 

We just fell in love with The Tides Inn - such a nostalgic place.  Est. in 1947, it has been recently refurbished but has not lost any of its old fashioned  resort charm.   The area is beautiful as well - as we came up the Rappahannock River  and into Carters Creek, you could actually smell the lilacs on shore...can you imagine that?

Weather was threatening Sat am, so we decided to stay on a day at Tides Inn to enjoy the resort a bit more (spa, anyone?)...

Saturday turned out to be a very rainy day.  To lift our spirits, us girls went to the wonderful spa at Tides Inn for  a massage.  It definitely improved our attitudes!  Meanwhile, the guys took a bike ride to have lunch at the Clubhouse.   Later, we all met up for a bike ride to see Christ Church - a structure that was erected in 1735 and still retained in its original state - really something to see.

Dinner was hotdogs onboard - then a walk up the dock to have great desserts in the Tides Bar!  Yum.  We also enjoyed the music and dancing there.

Sunday, May 11, 2003 - Irvington, VA to Onancock, VA

Happy Mothers Day!  We missed seeing our kids today, but we were glad to talk to them by phone at least...thanks for calling us!

We had to maneuver 3 hours in the fog today to get to Onancock, and were very appreciative of good instruments.  It was a sleepy Sunday afternoon when we arrived in Onancock (Indian for "foggy place" they say... no kidding!)  We got the bikes out to explore the town, but it didn't appear that many folks were about today - only old, historic homes that we could see.

We happened upon Stella's 2nd Story for dinner - and really enjoyed the Italian fare there.

Monday, May 12 - Onancock, VA to Solomon's Island, MD

A bumpy ride today across the Chesapeake!  To say it was uncomfortable, would be putting it mildly!    We were very glad to reach Zahniser's Marina in the afternoon.  Of course, the boat was a mess after that kind of ride, so the guys spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the salt off the outside!

In the evening, we were all so tired (from being beaten by the waves...and in my case, from taking the "nondrowsy" Bonine ) that it was all we could do to get our tired selves up to the marina restaurant for a quick dinner before we collapsed into bed.

High winds (35+ mph) kept us in port on Tuesday, so we took a few hours in the a.m. to catch up on email, laundry, etc.  In the afternoon, we went exploring on the bikes a bit.  Solomon's Island has a few nice shops and an interesting Marine Museum - that even has its own lighthouse - Drumm Point.

Just before dinner, we paid a visit to Dean & Linda who own a power catamaran.  We got to tour their boat and exchange "nautical" stories.

Wednesday, May 14 -Solomon's Island, MD to St. Michaels, MD

Tried to leave early this am, but an extended pit stop at the Town City gas dock delayed our departure.  Once we were finally "pumped out and pumped in" we had a relatively quick ride to St. Michaels.  We were actually there in time for lunch!

The afternoon gave us a chance to browse the great shops in St Michaels and watch the sailboat races on the bay.  We really liked this stop!

Thursday, May 15, 2003 - St. Michaels, MD to Annapolis, MD

Short ride this morning to Annapolis, and not much boat traffic so it was easy to dock right near Marriott.  The wind, however, was not our friend at this port - made it pretty bumpy onboard at the dock.  After lunch on the waterfront at Pussers, we did some shopping in town.  "Nana" & "CiCi" especially liked the children's shop!

Dinner was a real adventure!! Jennifer & David took us to their local favorite "Cantler's" for some real crab pickin' !!  It quickly became our favorite too - bibs and all!!  Thanks again, you two!!

On Fri a.m., Jennifer gave us an inside tour of the Naval Academy (it was her childhood home!)...what a treat.  The chapel and the crypt of John Paul Jones were incredible.  We know now why they love Annapolis so very much - it is a truly beautiful, historical city.  We can't thank Jennifer enough for giving us this private tour...and later she gave us a tour of the best grocery stores in town too!! Thanks, Jen!

Today some very special guests arrived....Shannon & Little Megan! Hoorah, PapaPete & Nana were so glad to see them! We had a great dinner at Griffin's -it was very kid friendly!

Saturday, May 17, 2003 - Annapolis, MD to Baltimore, MD

Cold, cold, cold!! Feels like winter! When we arrived in Baltimore, the first thing we did was go up to the Rusty Scupper for a hot lunch!

In the evening, it warmed up a little so we could take a walk around the Inner Harbor and have a little pizza.

Sunday was a little better weather.  The guys went off to see an Orioles game, while the girls spent the afternoon wandering the Aquarium...Megan loved the dolphin show!!

Our guests departed Sunday evening, and BettyLou and I hopped aboard Amtrak to go to the NJ house.  We were attending the Peabody Awards in NYC on behalf of Univ. of GA the following day.

The guys spent the next few days in Baltimore, where they thoroughly enjoyed the historical sites.  They toured the submarine, the USS Constitution and the Lightship Chesapeake.  The most impressive, however, was Ft McHenry - where the Star Spangled Banner was composed.  Cpn Tom says he could see why the British retreated from here - it's a pretty formidable place.

Thursday, May 22, 2003 - Baltimore, MD to Chesapeake City, MD

Nearing the end of the Chesapeake Bay, they guys stopped at Chesapeake City.  Took a quick tour around town - another very historical town - established in the early 1700s when the C&D canal was constructed.

Suffered our first "theft at sea" here - someone actually got aboard the boat and stole our VT flag..! Can you believe it????

Friday, May 23, 2003 - Chesapeake City, MD to Cape May, NJ

Almost home! (or close to one of our homes, anyway) After a rough ride across the Bay and a rather difficult docking job, the Captains arrived in NJ where they rented a car to drive up the Garden State Parkway to our home in Morganville. We all needed a rest after more than 40 days and nights on the boat...!

Monday, May 26, 2003 - Cape May, NJ to Atlantic City, NJ

Amid really rotten weather, the Captains returned to Cape May to retrieve the boat and motor up the NJ coastline [the ladies stayed behind - fair weather boaters???...!] 

Once in AC, the Captains whiled away a few hours...and a few $$$ at the casino...and came out with a whopping $42 in winnings!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2003 - Atlantic City, NJ to Brielle, NJ

Once docked in Brielle, we intended to stay for about 10 days to visit with friends in NJ.  For a number of reasons, we decided to extend our stay here until June 21st...not that we really needed a reason to take a land break, but here are a few of the landlubber issues that kept us in port:

1. our NJ home sold and we needed to move our belongings to    GA before the June 30th closing

2. our boat had some "mechanical difficulties" that needed attention - 10 days worth!

3. a new grandson is expected any day in NC (Michelle says she can only hold out for another week!)

4. summer arrives on June 21 - and we're hoping it stays with us on the next segment of our trip...this cold and rain is miserable!!!!

*****We'll be back on the seas very soon********

+++NOTE  ++++ NOTE +++++ NOTE ++++++++++

Our trip has been held up for several weeks, for a number of reasons (including those mentioned above)...

1.  Pete & BettyLou sold their house in VA - quite unexpectedly! it sold in a mere 24 hours!!! So, they needed time to get things moved out...they are officially"homeless"!!

2.  Our little Baby James arrived as expected on June 11!!

3.  "CrawDads" (both boat and crew) needed some recuperation time!!!  Mechanical and human repairs!!

*********We'll be sailing out of NJ on July 17th, 2003******

Thursday, June 5th - We were thrilled to have our good friends from Colts Neck Reformed Church join us for a "Dock Stop" in Brielle.  We enjoyed great fellowship with the Robinsons, Russells, Wiers, Jacobys, Harris', Moores, Bob G., and a special thanks to the Houck's for bringing the cake to celebrate the Brown's wedding anniversary!!  It was a bittersweet evening, since we knew we wouldn't be seeing these wonderful friends for quite a long time...we will really miss CNRC - you're the best part of New Jersey to us!!!