July 31 - Aug 21


Home Up

Thursday, July 31st, 2003 - Clayton, NY to Rochester, NY

We really hated to leave the beautiful 1000 Islands area today, but we knew it was time to move on...  Our trip across Lake Ontario was much smoother this time, as we had the wind at our back!  We altered our intended course (again!) to make up a lost day - but that meant we would miss Toronto (will have to go by car someday, I guess).  We arrived in Rochester in the late afternoon.  After a very challenging docking situation (in which we incurred electrical damage!), we all headed to Schooner's for a well-deserved refreshment!

On Friday, Pete & BettyLou took an early flight out back to VA/NC to take care of some things on the homefront... Our new guests, Gary & Betty will be picking up crew responsibilities for them a while. 

We spent several hours today with "Joe the Genius" (our electrician) working on the electrical system.  After that, we were all ready to get off the boat - so we headed out to the movies - and enjoyed "Seabiscuit" !!  For a "midnight" snack, we stopped by Schooner's again  - where we were greeted by our favorite waitress, Katie (we had bonded with her the night before when we found out she was a Monmouth U student!).

On Saturday, we hoped that the new fuse (that came by Fed Ex) would solve all our electrical problems.  But, alas, it took yet another visit from "Joe" to correct our current!!  Thanks, Joe!    Later in the afternoon, we took a cab into downtown Rochester to attend the Park Ave. Arts Festival - blocks and blocks of goodies to see. 

Sunday, August 3, 2003 - Rochester, NY to St. Catherines, ONT (Buffalo)

It was rather a cool morning as we left from Rochester today.  A light mist became a heavy fog as we made our way toward Buffalo.  We relied heavily on our Radar today - visibility was very, very limited.  Our new crew members performed very well!... even docking was a breeze!  Thanks, guys!

Sunday night, we enjoyed a great dinner in the Buffalo area with Kim and Jay (Betty's niece and husband) at Amici's.  Yummy!

On Monday, we had a terrific day at Niagara Falls - Kimberly was a great tour guide (but a crazy driver!!) We really enjoyed the balloon ride above the falls too.  Had a quick lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.  Later, the ladies went  (what else?) shopping - while the guys took it easy.

On Tues/Wed, Tom had to go back to NJ to handle the tennis court/ township issue- [it's the neverending move troubles from NJ that keep haunting us! good grief]   I had to hop off the boat again - to go to Atlanta (Cassie was coming to town for a quick visit before she goes back to Hope College for her jr year).  Betty  & Gary (our newest crew members) kept guard on the boat for a few days.

Thursday, August 7, 2003  - St. Catherines, ONT to

(Note:  Special thanks to my sister-in-law Betty for keeping such a great log while I was off the boat for a few weeks...Super Job, Betty!)

Rodger St. Amand came on board today to assist the crew (Tom/Gary/Betty) through 7 locks in the Welland Canal.  It was great to have a professional aboard for those commercial locks - some were as high as 45 feet.  We passed 2 cargo ships in the locks - that was a sight to see! 

Had a nice dinner at Sugarloaf Marina in the evening - enjoyed "walleye" for the first time - good stuff!   Enjoyed the orchestra from the band shell  in the park in the evening.  Perfect summer evening.

Friday, August 8, 2003 - Port Claiborne to Port Erie, PA

As we arrived at the Yacht Club in Erie, we were greeted by  youngsters having an old fashioned sailboat race - so cute!   Had dinner at the Miami Grill - good perch there.

On Saturday, after a late breakfast, we began the "antique hunt" - saw several things, but purchased none. Later, we made a trip to take a look at some rare passenger (railroad) cars located nearby. 

In the evening, six of Nicole (Crawford's) family members (Tom & Charlotte, Tom & Julie, Laurie, Archie) came by to visit with us.  They brought homemade wine - what a treat that was!!  Thanks, guys!

Sunday, August 10, 2003 - Port Erie to Ashtabula, OH

Breakfast was welcome after a night of listening to the pouring rain - at least it stopped long enough to let us prepare for the journey to our next port.  The weather really perked up as we arrived in Ashtabula. 

Terry B was so kind to lend us his car to get to dinner at Lakeway Restaurant.  Tom & Gary both raved about the spaghetti.  We met Jack & Jill at the restaurant, celebrating Jill's 50th birthday! Later, as we rode  around perusing the beautiful lakefront homes, a kind homeowner offered us a tour of her gardens - we eagerly accepted.  Thanks for the tour!

Monday, August 11, 2003 - Ashtabula, OH to Cleveland, OH

After breakfast, we checked out a few more antique stores in town.  Gary was happy about that.

Arriving in Cleveland, it was awesome to see the Cleveland Browns Football Stadium right at waters edge and the city surrounding the stadium.   Enjoyed dinner at the Watermark Restaurant in the city.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003 - Cleveland, OH to Put-in-Bay. OH

A beautiful sunny day as we departed Cleveland.  Arriving in Put-in-Bay, we were very impressed with how beautiful the area was.  Many people had told us that it was a pretty port, but sometimes you just have to see it for yourself!  We saw again some beautiful waterfront homes and enjoyed stopping to browse through the shops in town.

We got a chance to see the 3rd tallest War memorial there - Perry's Victory & International Peace Memorial (commemorating the longstanding peace between US and Canada).  Interesting.

Even more interesting (for the moment) was the Bartender's Olympics that was going on in town - rolling beer kegs, mixing drinks, etc.  They had the whole street closed down for that one!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003 - Put-in-Bay, OH to Detroit, MI

Passed several large ships on the way to Detroit in the morning.  Quite a scenic view of the city as we arrived.  Cap. Pete was there to meet us as we arrived at the marina!  So great to have him back on board!

We spent the day downtown checking out antique galleries and other shops.  Had a great dinner at Tom's Oyster Bar.

On Thursday, we toured the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI.  Such a great thing to see - an incredible collection of antique and classic vehicles.  We also toured the only remaining prototype of R Buckminster Fuller's Dymavision House - his vision for the future - hmmmmm...

We decided to have dinner at Windsor, Canada - however...if you are reading this and connect the date with the location, you know that this was the night the lights went out  - not in Georgia, but in most of the NE states - including Detroit, MI!!!!!  We were in the middle of the bridge between US & Canada when the power outage hit.  Needless to say, we did not have dinner in Canada, but did make it back to the boat  (in a mere 2.5 hours!!!) where we were VERY glad to have a working generator!  The entire area was very, very black.

Friday, August 15, 2003 - Detroit, MI to Port Huron, MI

Still no power at the marina this morning, but we were able to get underway anyway.

A pretty ride to Port Huron today.  My brother, Mike, was meeting the group today to get inducted into the "CrawDads Crew."    The rest of the crew was astounded as he began unloading all his diving gear!!! Whew - that was a lot of stuff!

Saturday, August 16, 2003 - Port Huron, MI to Harbor Beach, MI

Power is back today!!  Great news - hard to believe how spoiled we are when it comes to electricity!

Around noon, Mike prepared to do a dive (60-80 ft) to see a shipwreck (Regina c.1910) at the bottom of Lake Huron that sank during the Great Storm of Nov 1913.  Mike really enjoyed the dive...!  And the rest of the crew just got a kick out of seeing him "suit up"!!

We had an early dinner at "Randolph's" - after which Gary disappeared again looking for antiques...!

Sunday, August 17, 2003 - Harbor Beach, MI to Port Austin, MI

We had a late breakfast while Cap Tom was deciding whether the weather was right for sailing today.  Tom decided to take on the waves!  To say the least, the ride was a  bit turbulent!  Everyone stayed seated as Tom battled the waves for a couple of hours.   It was tough docking at Port Austin, due to the wind, but we were glad to get there.

Had a quick dinner and dessert at an old fashioned soda fountain in town.

Monday, August 18, 2003 - Port Austin, MI to St. Ignace, MI

Had a very long ride today to make up for lost time yesterday...but the water was perfect, so the ride was beautiful!

Chris, Becky (Mike's wife), and Elizabeth (Mike's 4 yr old) and Patrick (Mike's 3 mo old) arrived in St. Ignace in the early evening.  We all got settled on the boat, and headed for a seafood dinner at the Harbor Restaurant near the marina.

Gary/Betty/Pete agreed to stay in the motel while Mike's family came aboard  - to give some room for the kids to roam - thanks so much you guys!!!  We appreciate that.

On Tuesday, we had a late breakfast and got geared up for the trip to Mackinac Island.  No vehicles are allowed on the island, so we took the ferry across the Lake.  Mackinac is such a gorgeous Victorian resort island - and we all loved it  - those of us who have been here before loved it just as much as those who were seeing it for the first time!

We rented bikes and took the 10 mile trip around the circumference of the island, looking at all the beautiful waterfront cottages as well as the beauty of nature.  Later in the day, we rented a horse-drawn taxi/carriage to go up to the Grand Hotel for a look around.  Beautiful just doesn't describe what an incredible place it is.  Love it!

After a long day (especially for our little Patrick - who was a trouper!), we all were ready for the ferry ride back over to St Ignace, where we cleaned up and headed out for another seafood dinner nearby.

Asst. Cap Gary & Mate Betty said their goodbyes tonight after dinner.  They were scheduled to head out early in the a.m. to begin their drive to Syracuse, NY (where they left their car to board the boat) and on home to VA after that.  Thanks so much, guys!  Great Crew!  We look forward to you coming back sometime soon!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003 - St. Ignace, MI to Mackinaw City, MI

Those of you who know MI, realize that this was not a very long ride today - well...it was a long ride for us...we had a little engine trouble today (nothing major, but cumbersome all the same). 

We started out early in the AM ready for a great day on the lake and anxious for the next port.  As we crossed under the Mackinaw Bridge, Tom headed down to the engine room where he discovered a little trouble (small fuel leak).  So, we turned around and went back Mac City.  Had a mechanic come to take a look, he fixed it, no problem - we went out again.  Once again, Cap Tom went down to take an engine check - and, of course, still leaking.    So - back to Mac City we went - same slip and all.  (We have now seen the Mac Island Bridge from as many angles as we care to see it!!!)  No mechanic available until tomorrow, so we battened down for the night here.  Chalk this day up to docking practice!

On Thursday, we had to wait for another mechanic to come to do some work on the boat - so we made the most of our time in Mac City.  The weather was pretty, so (some of us) enjoyed the day.  The Cap's had to tend the boat.  Beck, Lizzie, Patrick and I played some mini-golf (yes, Lizzie beat me!)  Mike was searching for a dive charter - couldn't connect with one, but did have a chance to "pseudo scuba" when he had to search underwater for the boat mat, and later had to fish out the bikes that had blown off the dock into the lake!! Thanks, Mike!

We had a couple of visitors today - Amanda, the mechanic's wife and their little boy.  Also, one of Mike's local frat brothers came out to check out the boat.   After their visit, the crew went to dinner at the old Railroad Depot.

SPECIAL NOTE:  We received word today from NC that Samuel Shannon Crawford (Cap Pete's 1st grandson!) was born today! Yeah! Mom, Dad, Baby Samuel & Big Sister Meghan are all doing well! Congrats!