Aug 22 - Sep 4


Home Up

Friday, August 22, 2003 - Mackinaw City to Charlevoix, MI

Our third attempt to leave Mackinaw City was a successful one.  We departed fairly early in the morning to make Charlevoix by lunchtime.  Once underway, Cap Tom checked the leaky area and... it was dry!  

Now that mechanical difficulties were behind us, we only had weather challenges to deal with on the rest of the trip.  Winds were pretty strong as we left the Mackinaw area and the seas were a consistent 4-5 chop.  Little Baby Patrick slept in his car seat the entire trip...but sister Lizzie wasn't quite as lucky.  Right in the middle of her playing dolls, the seas got the best of her  -  - good thing Groovy Girl dolls are washable!!

After a quick lunch in Charlevoix, the DeVries troup (plus one aunt) had to depart for the drive back to Holland.  Mike had some serious "CrawDads" withdrawal as we drove home...he wished he could figure out some way to hire on as a fulltime Crew member...haha!

Cap Tom & Pete stayed on in Charlevoix to begin the next leg of the trip (down the Eastern shore of Lake MI).

Saturday, August 23, 2003 - Charlevoix to Frankfort, MI

This was a good day on the lake for the Cap's.  Tom and Pete traveled 4 hours to get to Frankfort.  Once there, they found the town to be quite interesting.  A fishing tournament was in process, and they had a chance to watch several boats catching large (35 lb!) salmon!   While at the dock, they witnessed a boat fire - pretty distressing

Meanwhile, I spent the weekend moving Cassie into her new dorm/apt at Hope College. 

On Sunday, the "CrawDads" had to postpone their departure from Frankfort due to high seas.  Winds were as high as 25 mph, with waves reportedly up to 10 ft.  Their decision was confirmed to be a good one, judging by the number of boats that were coming in to Frankfort for safe harbor from the seas.  They spent the day exploring the town by bikes.

Monday, August 25, 2003 - Frankfort to Holland (Macatawa), MI

The guys got up early today (6:50 a.m. departure) to make up for a lost day yesterday.  It was a 7 hour day on the lake today (with a short stop in Whitehall for lunch while a small storm passed).  I went to meet them as they arrived at Eldean's Shipyard.  [This was really a treat for me - after all my "marina years" in this area, it was nice to actually be meeting my own boat at the dock!]

Later, we had some visitors for dinner.  Cassie and one of her roommates, Stephanie, came aboard, taking a well-deserved break from their move-in on campus.  Also, we were joined for dinner by Sue (coincidentally, my college roommate) & husband, Brian ...dinner was the least we could do...they are also our beloved dog sitters while we are on this trip (of course, Tom would like them to keep the dog forever!)

On Tuesday, we took Pete on a quick tour of the Holland area (where my family has spent many summers).  We stopped to take a look at Mike's new house, as well as Cassie's apartment.  It's all looking good!  Had a great lunch at Butch's Dry Dock in Holland.

We had to do some errands - getting boating supplies, etc.  The funniest thing happened on the way to the...West Marine store...we actually met some of our new neighbors (from Georgia!)  Jim & Tina were in the store with us and happened to notice our Harbour Point license plate - how about that for a coincidence?

Later, they joined us for our "Loop Stop" at Macatawa.  We were also joined by Mike & Beck, Lizzie & Patrick, Sean & Maura & Kennedy, and special long time friends, Cathy (my high school best buddy) & husband, Jeff; and Marcia (a friend from our old "marina days").  Thanks so much, everyone, for coming out - it was so great to see you!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003 - Holland to St. Joseph, MI

It was a short trip to St. Joseph today, and the conditions were perfect!  I followed the boat with the car (after putting some final touches on Cassie's apartment), and met the Cap's for dinner at Shu's in downtown St. Joe.  Of course, after dinner we had to take a walk to the Chocolate Cafe....yumm.

Thursday, August 28, 2003 - St. Joseph, MI to Hammond, IN

It was an early a.m. departure again today in order to make it to Hammond at a reasonable hour.    It was a pretty easy ride across the lake today, and Cap Tom did a terrific job docking the boat in a very tight spot on U-Dock at Hammond Marina (even the dockmaster, Charlie said so).

Upon my arrival (with the car), Tom transported Pete to Chicago where he was meeting BettyLou and Paige (and friend, Tammy).  They will all be cruising with us (briefly) on Sunday, but will be returning to VA after that.   Later, Tom and I enjoyed dinner at Phil Schmidt's.

On Friday night, we had another successful "Loop Stop"  - we had 19 guests onboard...Mom & Marty, Gram Van, Uncle Jack & Donna, Barb & Ray, Brad & Gail, Jess, Pam & Rick, Annie & Alli, Dan & Cortney, Bob & Marcy!  Thanks to everyone for coming out!  It was a great night!!

Saturday, August 30, 2003 - Hammond, IN to Chicago, IL

It took 2 rough hours to get just 20 miles to Belmont Harbor in Chicago.  The water was quite choppy during our ride - it was a "5 Bell-ringer" day!  Our guest crew members (Mom & Marty, Barb & Ray) were troupers, though... nobody was even seasick!   Once we got settled at the dock in Belmont Harbor Marina, we prepared a light lunch onboard.   The ladies spent most of the afternoon, sunning and talking on the deck - while the guys all watched the first UGA football game in the salon. 

For dinner, we had some of the famous "Chicago-style" pizza!  And later, we even got a treat of watching the Navy Pier fireworks from the boat!

Sunday was a chilly, rainy day.  We stayed on the boat most of the day - just trying to stay dry and warm.  The guys did a grocery run, while the girls prepared a BBQ lunch for another "Loop Stop."

Our guests in the afternoon included Cap Pete, Paige & Tammy, Tammy & Carrie, Carrie's parents, Some of Carrie's friends from Sweden, and Larry & Kathy Andrews (our friends from Pru!).  So good to see you all!  Thanks for visiting!

Later in the afternoon, the guys watched the VT Opening Football game (a  win!!).  After that, our remaining crew (Mom & Marty) decided to venture into the city with us...but the weather was not so good for site-seeing, so we opted for dinner at the Big Bowl on Rush St.  Good choice!

Monday's weather wasn't much better, but we were ready to get off the boat for an we got onboard another boat...!  The Presidential Lady - a Chicago touring boat - where we enjoyed a narrated architectural nautical tour.  Interesting.  Later, we went by car to peruse the upcoming bridges on the Calumet Waterway (we are very concerned about the 19 ft clearance there.)  We took Mom & Marty home to South Holland on our way.

Tuesday was a beautiful day on the Lake Shore!  We caught up on a few boat details, then enjoyed a great bike ride on the path along the lake - the city has really come alive down here!  In the evening, we took a stroll around Water Tower Area, then went on to the Lincoln Park/Wrightswood area for a Mexican dinner.

On Wednesday, we were still in Chicago.  We had to wait on some repairmen today - one for the "head" and another for the freezer - nothing major, but we wanted to get things all in working order before we went down the Calumet (not too many marinas on that route).  Not that we minded being delayed in Chicago... we both really love it here! 

Later in the day, I finally got some shopping time on Michigan Ave!  (Of course, there is never enough time for that!)  We really enjoyed our dinner at the Frog & Fish House on Rush St. and the movie "Open Range."

We really thought we would be leaving Chicago on Thursday, but high winds and huge waves kept us in port another day.